Service Plus

Cari lettori,

in questa pagina vogliamo raccogliere un carosello dei nostri servizi, perché non siamo solo un Magazine.

Al momento la pagina è in lavorazione ma presto vi riporteremo qui ciò che amiamo fare di più, curare l’immagine dei nostri clienti.

Stay tuned!



Sito Web

€ __
  • Template will be installed to your server to look like in our online demo. Access to Admin panel will be granted to you to manage your website.
  • We will replace the template’s logo with yours on each page of the template. Customers should provide logos in good quality in .PSD, .EPS, .PNG, .JPG format. Logo width should be 300px and 600px.
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€ ___
  • Security plugin
  • Seo plugin
  • Cache plugin. It will help to optimize the speed of your wesbite
  • Plugin for easy backup
  • Installation service is not included in this pack
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Sito + Logo

€ ____
  • Theme installation on you server with your logo
  • google map with your address set
  • replacing of content and images up to 6 pages (without layout change).
  • removing of some elements that you do not need on your website.
  • social icons set (without changes theme layout)
  • replacing of color scheme
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